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Carers Information Service Privacy Notice

The purposes for which we use your personal data

The information we collect about you will be used for the purpose of registering you with the Carers Information Service in order to help and support you in your caring role. By joining the Carers Information Service, you will receive:

  • Regular issues of the Carers Magazine
  • Information about events
  • Information about training courses
  • Information about services and support
  • Information about consultations taking place
  • Information about the Carers Forum
  • Access to the Ceredigion Carer Card

The lawful basis for the processing of your information is to comply with our duty under the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 which requires all local authorities to provide Carers with bi-lingual information, advice and assistance. The Carers Information Service helps fulfil this requirement and makes it easier for Carers to access relevant, clear information and advice.

Your consent is required for us to provide you with information by email, post or telephone.

What if you do not provide personal data?

Some of the information sent to members of the Carers Information Service is available on the Carer pages of Ceredigion County Council’s public website and those not registered with the Carers Information Service can access the information. However, if you do not give us the information we need to register you with the Carers Information Service, this may result in you not receiving up to date information that may help and support you in your caring role.

What type of information do we use?

We collect the following types of personal data about you to deliver this service:

  • Title
  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Your preferred format for additional information/ general correspondence (email or letter)
  • Your preferred format for the Carers Magazine (email or post)
  • Your languages preferences

We may also collect information about your caring role such as the number of people you care for, your relationship (e.g. mother, father) to the people you care for and the types of illnesses and conditions that the people you care for have.

Do we use information received from other sources?

To provide this service, we collect information directly from you. Where you have provided consent to Ceredigion County Council Social Care to have your details shared with the Carers Information Service, we may collect your information from them in order to provide you with this service.

Transferring your information abroad

Your information will not be transferred outside the United Kingdom.

Who your information may be shared with (internally and externally)?

The personal data you provide us will not normally be shared with any other service within Ceredigion County Council, or with any third party outside the organisation.

However, there are specific situations where we may be required to disclose information about you, such as:

  • Where the Council is required to provide the information by law
  • Where disclosing the information is required to prevent or detect a crime
  • Where disclosure is in the vital interests of the person concerned