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Residual Waste (Non-Recyclable Waste)

Every 3 Weeks

As most items are now recyclable, there should be very few items left to dispose of in your non-recyclable waste bag. Examples may include:

  • Vacuum cleaner contents
  • Cooled ash
  • Non-recyclable packaging eg crisp packets, pet food pouches, chocolate bar wrappers
  • Cotton buds
  • Wipes
  • Medical tablet strips
  • Sanitary waste

Non-recyclable materials should only be presented in securely closed containers of reasonable durability such as black bin bags or waste bins.

All reasonable amounts of waste in black bags will be collected if sufficient effort has been made to recycle as much waste as possible.

These items should not be placed in your non-recyclable waste collection:

  • Recyclable material
  • Food waste
  • Glass
  • Garden waste

More information on how to dispose of particular items can be found on our A-Z of Waste.

The Council also sells Wheelie Bins. See the below table for prices (inclusive of VAT):

Wheelie Bin
240 litre
£106.00 delivered or £80.00 collected (from the Council's depots by appointment and payment in advance only)
Wheelie Bin
1100 litre
£625.00 delivered or £550.00 collected (from the Council's depots by appointment and payment in advance only)

Frequently Asked Questions About Residual Waste (Non-Recyclable Waste)

I don’t have room to keep black bags for 3 weeks, what should I do?

The majority of your waste is recyclable or is food waste. These are collected on a weekly basis. Please use the recycling bags and food waste bins provided which will reduce to a minimum the amount of waste that you need to store for more than a week.

We have young children in nappies, are we expected to keep them for 3 weeks?

We have introduced a separate collection for absorbent hygiene products which are collected every 2 weeks, so you will no longer need to put them in the black bag. Residents need to apply for this service, more information can be found on the Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) Collection Service page.

Alternatively you could switch to using Real Nappies, the Council has a Real Nappy Project which could help you make the switch. Details of the project can be found on the Real Nappy Project page.