Wales is the world’s third-best recycling nation. We’re supporting Welsh Government and WRAP Cymru 2020 National Recycling Campaign to get Wales to number one.

The Be Mighty Mission:

“It’s been a tough year. But our mighty spirit hasn’t been dampened. Come rain or shine, we will keep protecting our towns, villages and coastlines. The climate is changing and it’s not in our blood to stand by and do nothing. The world needs mighty more than ever. We’re already third in the world at recycling. But we won’t stop there. The power of people like you, will help us keep making Wales cleaner and greener. For generations to come."

ceredigion recycles

This campaign is an opportunity to thank everyone in Ceredigion for continuing to recycle; statistics released by Recycle Now show that through lockdown the UK has become even more environmentally aware, with nearly 9 in 10 households saying they ‘regularly recycle.

Tips, facts and to find out more on recycling:

ceredigion recycle food waste campaign poster

FREE food waste liners are available from Council Customer Service Centres and Community Recycling Hubs.

be a mighty recycler poster

Get involved with recycling. You can look up items you’re unsure what to do with on our A-Z of Waste.Be Mighty, Recycle campaign. Most people in Ceredigion recycle.

Please help protect our staff, follow the latest Coronavirus-related advice when dealing with your waste.

Me mighty, recycle campaign. Conquer your cardboard. Most people in Ceredigion recycle.

Did another online shop delivery just arrive on your doorstep? You can put all the cardboard packaging in your clear recycling bag, which we collect weekly from you.Be Mighty, Recycle campaign. Most people in Ceredigion recycle.

Families in the UK use around 330 glass bottles and jars a year. The great thing about glass is that it can be recycled infinitely without losing its quality. You can recycle your glass bottles and jars in the black box which we collect every three weeks.

Be mighty, recycle campaign. Keep crushing cans. Most people in Ceredigion recycle.

One tonne of recycled aluminium saves the amount of carbon dioxide (or equivalent) emissions produced by driving 27,000 miles. To find out more about your recycling and what happens to it, go to

Be migty, recyle campaign. Put plastic pots in their place. Most people in Ceredigion recycle.

Around 275,000 tonnes of plastic is used every year in the UK. Most of this is recyclable so sling it in the recycling bag, not on our streets, rivers or oceans.

Be Mighty, recycle campaign. Be fearless in the face of food waste. Most people in Ceredigion recycle.Food waste collected in Ceredigion goes to an Anaerobic Digester. Recycling just one tonne of food waste through anaerobic digestion can generate around 300kWh of energy – enough to charge around 5,500 iPads.

Go to for more information on the campaign.