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Real Nappy Project

The Real Nappy Campaign is a UK-wide campaign which promotes the use of reusable nappies and provides impartial information and advice about choosing real nappies to parents.

Why should I use Real Nappies?

Real nappies are:

  • Natural - Mainly made up of natural fibres with no chemical gels or paper pulp
  • Easy to use - Velcro or popper fastenings mean no pins are needed
  • Easy to wash - No need to soak or boil - just wash at 60C. Biodegradable liners can be flushed down the toilet
  • Cheaper - Save up to £500 for your first child. Many nappies can be used for more than one child, giving even greater savings!
  • Fun - Real nappies come in a wide variety of designs and fabric
  • Health Benefits - The bulky Real nappies ensures that the hips are kept the right distance apart, by alleviating conditions such as "Clicky Hips"
  • Potty Training - Generally, babies potty train earlier when in Real nappies as they make the connection between a wet nappy and needing to go to the toilet

To encourage the use of real nappies, Ceredigion County Council offers a Real Nappy trial pack worth £40 for FREE to new parents living in Ceredigion.

The Real Nappy trial pack includes the following:

  • Pre-fold Nappy
  • Shaped Nappy
  • Waterproof Cover
  • All in One Nappy (Birth to Potty)
  • Roll of Flushable Liners
  • Washable fleece liner

Real Nappy Facts

Find out more about real nappies, as other parents in Ceredigion share their experiences of using real nappies in the Real Nappy Case study.

To claim your free pack phone 01545 570881, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Your contact details: Name, Address and Phone number
  • Baby's details: Age and weight of the baby (or due-date)
  • Additional information: Name of Health Visitor or Mid-wife

Please note if you have already received a Real Nappy trial pack you will not be entitled to receive another trial pack, except in special circumstances.