Free transport is generally restricted to pupils who attend the school designated by the LEA as serving the area in which they live and who reside the necessary distance from the school.

The relevant distances being:-

  • Primary Aged Pupils (from 5 years of age) - 2 miles or more from the School
  • Secondary Aged Pupils - 3 miles or more from the School

Distance is measured by the shortest walking route between home and school. (From the nearest council maintained road to the property, to the nearest school entrance onto the school site)

Assistance may be provided for pupil in certain circumstances on the grounds of:-

  • capacity
  • closure of school/re-organisation of school(s)
  • safety
  • medical
  • statement of educational needs
  • a change of residence in a final examination year
  • continuation of an advanced course of study not being available at the designated school
  • religious beliefs (within an 8 mile radius of the school)
  • post 16 students

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