Even though restrictions have been lifted, you should do all you can to keep yourself and others safe.  

COVID-19 has not gone away and is likely to remain with us globally. The Welsh Government continue to strongly advise that everyone self-isolates if they have COVID symptoms or test positive. 

Face coverings are no longer being required by law in retail settings or on public transport, though they will continue to be recommended in public health advice.

There is no longer a legal requirement for individuals to prove their vaccination status using the domestic COVID pass or to provide proof of a recent negative lateral flow test or medical exemption to gain entry to certain events and venues in Wales. However, businesses and settings can still consider requiring the use of the COVID pass or proof of a negative test as part of the reasonable measures to minimise the risk of coronavirus. 

Keep Wales Safe at Work

For businesses, when considering what you need to do to keep your workforce safe at work, visit the Business Wales website for detailed guidance, examples and resources.

“Addo. My promise to Wales”

Ceredigion supports the Visit Wales Addo campaign, asking the people of Wales to make a promise to care for each other, for our land and for our communities as they explore Wales. The pledge can be signed on the website www.visitwales.com/promise

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