Use this handy guide to help improve your digital connectivity. 

Follow the steps below to find out what options may be available to you.

1: What broadband service can you already receive?

First, check if you already have access to fibre broadband. You may already be able to get faster Broadband—but it won’t come automatically. If you have access to Fibre Broadband, discuss with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) what packages may be available to improve your speed.

2: Assess your options

If you are unable to receive Superfast Broadband through a fibre network, there may be alternative technologies to enable you to receive superfast speeds. These include – fixed wireless connection, a mobile/4G router or a satellite connection. For further information regarding alternatives technologies, visit the Welsh Government website.

3: Find out what speeds you’re actually getting

You can run a speed test, using Ofcom’s official mobile and broadband checker, this will tell you what speed you are currently receiving. You can download Ofcom’s checker as a smartphone app (search Ofcom in Apple’s app store or Google Play) or use it through your internet browser.

4: Getting the most out of your Broadband

There are also measures you can take within your home to ensure that your broadband is working as effectively as possible. This includes possibility upgrading your router, moving your router to an area away from electronic devices, minimise the number of devices connected to the router, using an ethernet cable to connect directly and also clearing your web browsers’ cache. Further advice can be found on the Ofcom website.

5: Using it to its potential

Whether you’re looking to move online and create a new ‘business as usual’ or maintain your brand presence locally for when things get back to normal, Superfast Business Wales have several courses and webinars that suit all business needs and abilities. Further details can be found on the Superfast Business Wales Website.

If you’re a key worker or responding directly to the Coronavirus in your work and struggling to work effectively from home during this time due to your broadband, please contact the team to see if we can help you further: