Ceredigion County Council has a clear vision that every single person, business and service can understand and agree upon for the adjustment phase in order to ensure Ceredigion succeeds in not only reducing predicted deaths through the first peak but more importantly for any future predicted peaks. The County of Ceredigion has successfully flattened the first peak but we do not yet know by how much. However, as a Gold Command we must now turn our attention to medium and long term planning.

The adjustment phase must capture and expand on the excellent working practices from the previous two phases:

  • Phase 1- Preparedness – Closing down of all non-essential services
  • Phase 2 - Implementation – Delivering services under lockdown conditions

The purpose of the third phase will be to establish medium to long-term strategies that will identify new working practices that can continue through to the end of the COVID-19 outbreak. In establishing new working practices, we will ensure that they comply with the Council’s core vision and values; any amendments should be aligned with the Council’s policies and frameworks which remain in place in order to meet statutory duties.

Phase 3 would provide an adjustment phase from the first two phases to a fourth, recovery phase. To enable this to happen, the adjustment phase must consider three main components that will be critical to dealing with COVID-19 whilst at the same time releasing elements of the lockdown safely and in a controlled and structured manner.

The three elements are:

Containment + Isolation + Eradication

Ceredigion’s Phase 3 Adjustment and long term resilience plan

Welsh Government’s Unlocking our society and economy: continuing the conversation

Phase 3 – Roadmap for Ceredigion

The Council has produced a Roadmap for Ceredigion which gives an overview of the services provided in light of changes to the current guidance and the number of coronavirus cases in the county.

The Roadmap is regularly reviewed and can be found here: Roadmap for Ceredigion