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What Goes In My Bags, Caddy & Bins?


Food Waste:

All unpackaged food waste, whether cooked or uncooked, can go into your food waste caddy. This includes:-

  • All food waste (cooked or uncooked) or freezer contents.
  • Any left-over food from plates
  • Any outdated food waste
  • ​Bread, pastries and confectionaries
  • Dairy products
  • ​Fish (cooked and uncooked), bones and carcasses
  • ​Meat (cooked and uncooked), bones and carcasses
  • ​Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • ​Fruit and vegetables (whole and peelings)
  • ​Vegetable oil

Contact Ceredigion County Council for any food waste recycling questions. If you are new to the area, need to replace a missing or broken container or need an additional container as you have a large amount of food waste (e.g. large family) please contact us.

Food Caddies and Food Waste bins can be lined with kitchen roll or newspaper, or if you prefer you can use compostable liners. The compostable liners are available at numerous supermarkets or the Council sell compostable liners for both sizes of food bins which are available from Customer Service Centres – Local Offices or Tourist Information Centres.

  • The compostable liners for the kitchen caddy are £1.50 for a roll of 25 liners.
  • The compostable liners for the large food bin are £1.20 for a roll of 10 liners.

Clear recycling bag:

All dry recyclable materials must be placed loose into the bag. Do not place separately bagged items into your clear recycling bag. Here are some Q&A about the new recycling bags. Recycling Bags are available from Customer Service Centres - Local Offices and some local shops and post offices. Please see our interactive mapping tool for more details.

Items that can be put in your clear recycling bag:​

  • ​Paper – all types including newspapers, magazines, directories, writing paper, junk mail, etc
  • ​Cardboard – Cartons, boxes and packets.
  • ​Tetra Paks - Juice and Milk Waxed Cartons
  • ​Food tins, drinks cans, pet food tins, aerosols and aluminium foil
  • ​Plastics (see below for a list of what is and isn't accepted)

Plastics that are accepted:

  • ​Fizzy drinks bottles and oven-ready meal trays
  • ​Bottles for milk and washing-up liquids
  • ​Food trays, cling film, bottles for squash, mineral water and shampoo
  • ​Carrier bags and bin liners
  • ​Margarine tubs, microwavable meal trays
  • ​​Yoghurt pots, foam meat or fish trays, hamburger boxes and egg cartons, vending cups, plastic cutlery, protective packaging for electronic goods and toys

Please wash out all items that have been used as packaging for food or drink.

Please note, the following items should not be put in your clear recycling bag:

  • Do not place glass bottles and jars in clear recycling bags. Take them to your nearest bottle bank or Household Waste Site.
  • Any other plastics that do not fall into any of the above categories - An example is melamine, which is often used in plastic plates and cups.
  • Crisp Packets
  • Disposable Nappies
  • CDs

Garden Waste:

The County Council offers a collection service for garden waste, see our Garden Waste section for details.

Residual waste (non-recyclable waste):

As most waste items are now recyclable, there should be very few items left to dispose of in your non-recyclable waste bag. Examples may include disposable nappies, vacuum cleaner contents, coal ash (that has been allowed to cool) and crisp packets.

More information on how to dispose of particular items can be found on our A-Z of Waste.

Recycling Pack

What's in the Recycling Pack?

All households in Ceredigion should have received a Recycling Pack consisting of:

  • An Internal Kitchen Caddy for your food waste
  • A 23 litre External Container for use on food waste collection days
  • A Roll of Clear Bags for clean and dry recyclable materials

The internal Kitchen Caddy is a 7 litre caddy suitable for storage in the kitchen. The larger lockable 23 litre container is suitable for storage either inside or outside the home. The smaller caddy provides an easy way for you to store food waste in the kitchen. Once the caddy is full, waste can be transferred to the second, larger container ready for the weekly collection.

A minimal amount of liquid may be generated by the food waste during storage. However, it is of great importance that plastic bags are not used to line the caddy or container, as they cannot be treated by the food waste process.

The best method to keep the caddies clean is to wash them after emptying with an eco-friendly anti-bacterial cleaning fluid and warm water. Alternatively, you could line the caddies with a layer of newspaper or kitchen paper towels, which are compostable, or use compostable bags which are available from Customer Service Centres - Local Offices or Tourist Information Centres and most supermarkets. Please do not use plastic bags.

Food Waste will be collected weekly and residents will be required to place their container outside their property on their scheduled collection day, details of which can be found in the calendar provided here.

Clear bags are for your separated, clean, dry recyclables. Please tie the top of the recycling bag securely. Your recycling bags should then only be put outside your property on your scheduled collection day, details of which can be found in the calendar provided here.

For waste items not covered on this page, consult the A-Z of Waste. If you have a query contact the Council.


Technical Services:

Online: Report a problem online: Problem Reporting Form
Telephone: 01545 572572
Post: Waste Management Team
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