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Firework Displays

Firework displays can be very spectacular community events and for it to go ahead without incident, businesses and organisations planning displays must appoint a competent person to have the overall responsibility for safety. Like most things planning well in advance will ensure the event runs smoothly on the night.

Fireworks come in 4 categories:

  • Category 1 - Indoor: Party poppers; crackers; theatrical props; caps etc
  • Category 2 - Garden Fireworks: The type supplied from retail shops
  • Category 3 - Display Fireworks: The most powerful fireworks on general sale to members of the public
  • Category 4 - Profession Display Fireworks: Part assembled and specialist devices for professional use only

A display venue needs to be a reasonably large area clear of trees, buildings, overhead wires and other hazards. Category 3 display fireworks need approximately 30m between spectators and the nearest firework. In addition, a safe drop zone must be provided behind and to the sides of the firing area where firework debris can fall. Also consider the locality in respect of other factors like livestock and aircraft flight paths.

Giving your own firework display - HSE Publication provides advice for organisations like sports clubs and school parent/teacher associations, parish councils and public houses putting on displays which typically attract some 100 customers/spectators.

Working together on firework displays - HSE Publication provides guidance for competent display operators and organisers possessing specialist knowledge of fireworks and requisite training. It provides guidance for display organisers on issues such as managing crowds safely and what to do if something goes wrong. It provides safety advice for those who are responsible for setting up and firing the fireworks and also how to clear up correctly after a firework display.

If you are planning to put on a fireworks display in Ceredigion this year, you must notify the Health & Safety team before the event by calling 01545 572105 or via