Cooling Tower Register - Over recent years there have been a number of outbreaks of legionnaires' disease associated with wet cooling systems (cooling towers and evaporative condensers), which have resulted in serious cases of infection and fatalities in a number of cases.

Poor maintenance of wet cooling systems may give rise to the conditions in which outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease can occur. Detailed information on the control of the disease can be found in the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L8 'Legionnaires' Disease - the control of legionella bacteria in water systems'. Find out more about Legionnaires' Disease.

Requirement to register wet cooling systems

The Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations require those in control of premises with wet cooling systems to register them with their local authority and to notify them of any subsequent changes, including when a plant ceases to be in operation. Whilst the task of maintaining records of wet cooling systems rests with local authorities, responsibility for enforcement of standards of assessment and control is split between the HSE and the local authorities.

The main purpose for this notification process is to identify where potential sources of risk are located and allow for easier identification, monitoring and inspection by the enforcing authorities.

Anybody who has control of a premises has a duty under the Notification of Cooling Towers - Guidance Notes to notify the local authority in writing with details of cooling towers and evaporative condensers (except when they contain water that is not exposed to the air and the water and electricity supply are not connected).

To register details of cooling towers and evaporative condensers please use the Notification of Cooling Towers - Application Form. The Register will be updated and an acknowledgement sent out within 14 days of receipt of completed form.

The notification register is open to the public and in Ceredigion is available to download. This register is updated as and when additions and changes are made.