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Engagement and Participation Policy

We believe that all the people of Ceredigion have the right to influence the future of service provision in their county.

It is vital to encourage active engagement of the people who use our services, as well as with representative and community organisations and other partners in all sectors.

Community engagement empowers citizens by providing them with an opportunity to tell the Council about their own vision for their communities and neighbourhoods, and about what they want and need in terms of service provision. It also enables them to work with the Council to realise their vision and improve their communities and thus, their quality of life. Engagement generally enables better planning and decision-making and together with helping us improve the quality of our services effective engagement will lead to improvements in communication and collaboration with partner organisations.

Engagement is also a mechanism for the Council to tell local people about what it does, what services it can and cannot provide, and how its priorities and policies are determined.

Ceredigion County Council is committed to engaging with its residents, service users and other key stakeholders. This Engagement and Participation Policy provides corporate direction and guidance to the Council’s elected members and officers in order to bring engagement into the heart of the Council’s work and to ensure that engagement activities are of a consistently high standard. 

Engagement and Participation Annual Report 2023/24

Engagement and Participation Annual Report 2022/23

Half year monitoring report 2023

Engagement and Participation Policy Ceredigion County Council May 2022

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