On 25th September 2018 Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet adopted its Corporate Enforcement Policy. This policy sets out the approach that the Authority will take in investigating matters and how it will dispose of such matters.

The policy is an overarching policy that applies to all of the Council’s services that have an enforcement aspect. The policy was the subject of a lengthy public consultation and will be of particular interest to businesses that could be affected by it.

Insofar as the policy is concerned, the Council’s objectives will be:

  • To ensure we enforce the law in a fair and consistent manner
  • To assist and advise business and others in meeting their legal obligations
  • To focus on prevention rather than cure
  • To take firm action against those who disregard the law, act irresponsibly, or where there is an immediate risk to health and safety
  • To support economic progress by addressing those who trade in a manner that is unfair to those that choose to comply with legal requirements

The appropriate use of the full range of enforcement powers, including prosecution, is important, both to secure compliance with the law and to ensure that those who have duties under it may be held to account for failures to safeguard health, safety and welfare or a breach of other legislation enforced by the Council.

In deciding on the most appropriate course of action, officers are expected to have regard to the principles set out in this policy and the need to maintain a balance between enforcement and other activities, including inspection and education.

The Enforcement Policy can be viewed under the Downloads section.