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The Place Plans are currently under development and held by the local Town Councils.

Links will be provided to the plans as they are completed and adopted by the Town Councils.

The first draft of Place Plans can be viewed at: Ceredigion Place Plans – Ceredigion County Council

Place Plans are community led documents which encourage local people to engage creatively with the planning process. Place Plans should offer in-depth planning policy detail of the local area and reflect local distinctiveness. They should set out local level planning guidance and address specific community scale issues such as shaping future land use and development, allocated sites, open space, community facilities, and local aspirations.

The planning policy team has supported the Place Plan process by providing themed templates and evidence base of background data that informs the objectives of the plans for the Town Councils. Additionally, consultants have been commissioned to undertake a facilitation role to engage and consult with key stakeholders to develop the Place Plans into graphically pleasing bilingual final documents and an executive summary in the form of a themed map of each Place Plan.

Final Place Plans that meet the criteria may be considered for adoption as Supplementary Planning Guidance by the local authority. Place Plans should align with the Local Development Plan, providing further detailed guidance on a specific policy. They should cover detail or numerical guidelines or thresholds where they may change during the Local Development Plan timeframe. Additionally, Place Plans should supply detailed guidance on the type of development expected in the local area in the form of development brief or design orientated master plan.

These Place Plans may then assist with planning decision making in relation to the use and development of land, changes and improvements to local services.