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Placemaking principles are at the heart of planning. The fundamental components form the basis of planning decision making and supports our strategic vision and objectives. High quality development supports the local community, improves the overall sustainability, health and vitality of the county, and combats changes and challenges that have adversely affected the towns in recent years.

The Council's Economy and Regeneration Section drives the placemaking agenda by advancing a suite of placemaking documents. These progressive forward planning placemaking documents provide specialist placemaking and regeneration ideas and guidance, as well as furnishing a range of other planning projects to facilitate the delivery of high quality and sustainable development in Ceredigion.

The ambition is to make Ceredigion a place where people want to study, live, work, and visit. To be places that are a vibrant network of communities, with strengthened inter-relationships that celebrates cultural heritage and have access to an enhanced, scenic and biodiverse environment. The places should have the ability to influence and embrace societal issues, changes and challenges, and have access to local sustainable facilities with a lessened need to travel to access services, facilities and jobs. As well as have a strong diverse and progressive economy.

The ongoing suite of documents currently includes: