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Leasing Scheme Wales

What is Leasing Scheme Wales?

Leasing Scheme Wales tagline

The Private Rented Leasing Scheme Wales is a Welsh Government backed pilot scheme which aims to improve access to long-term affordable and good quality housing, with tenancy support in the private rented sector. Delivering security for tenants and confidence for landlords.

The scheme will offer a range of support services and benefits to the contract-holder and to the private landlord. The aim is to make the tenancy successful for both parties.

The scheme offers private landlords a full property management package including repairs and maintenance with a guaranteed rental income even when the property is not occupied by a contract-holder.

We will provide ongoing housing support to the contract-holder, helping them gain greater independence and sustain a successful tenancy.

What can the scheme offer to Private Landlords?

Property owners will benefit from:

  • leases of between 5-20 years subject to conditions
  • Guaranteed rental payments for the length of the lease at the relevant Local Housing Allowance rate
  • CCC will fully manage the tenancies for the period of the lease
  • Up to £5000, as a grant, to bring properties up to an agreed standard and/or to increase the EPC rating to level C. Additional grant funding of up to £25,000 potentially available for empty properties
  • A grant to improve the thermal efficiency of properties has also been introduced. This funding is expected to be available until the end of March 2025, however it is indicative and therefore cannot be guaranteed
  • Owner of property will not be liable for Council Tax or utility bills
  • A guarantee of appropriate support for contract-holders, throughout the lifetime of the lease

Interested in renting your property to us?

We are looking to lease furnished/unfurnished properties for five years or more to provide homes for the residents of Ceredigion.

We need a range of different property types and sizes across the main areas of the county.

If you lease your property to us you will need to:

  • Provide Gas, Electrical and Energy Performance or Safety certificates. (We will undertake any servicing during the lease period)
  • Provide Buildings Insurance (including Public Liability)
  • Provide Confirmation that you have insurance and mortgage consent arrangements in place that allow participation in the scheme (a standard buy-to-let mortgage will not cover)
  • Meet mandatory property standard requirements set by Welsh Government (a grant is available to bring properties up to the agreed standard)
  • Provide Copy of Land Registry to confirm ownership of property
  • Be responsible for paying any service charges related to the property and any external works to the property

This list is not exhaustive. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Further information can be found on the Welsh Government Leasing Scheme Wales: guidance pages.