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Standstill Rules

Rules and guidance on 6 and 20 day standstills & exemptions.

Sheep / goats / cattle

Any part of a premise, including all those under the same management and control as well as those included in a Sole Occupancy Authority, in receipt of an animal renders the whole premises subject to the 6-day standstill unless an exemption applies. The 6-day standstill begins with day 1 the day following the arrival of any animal. Therefore if an animal arrives on Monday, day 1 is Tuesday and day 6 is Sunday. You will be free to move after the 6th day, which in this case would be Monday.


The movement of a pig onto premises will trigger a 20 day standstill on any pigs, and 6 day standstill on sheep, cattle or goats on those premises. The movement of cattle, sheep or goats onto premises on which one or more pigs is kept will trigger a 6 day standstill on those pigs.


Movements to slaughter

Animals may move off premises direct to a slaughterhouse, slaughter collecting centre, dedicated slaughter collection or dedicated slaughter market irrespective of whether livestock have moved onto those premises in the previous 6 days (or 20 days for any pig on a holding onto which other pigs have been moved). From a dedicated slaughter market or dedicated slaughter collection, no animal may return to its premises of origin or move to any premises other than a slaughterhouse. With 'dedicated slaughter markets' you need to check the 'status' of the market, if you wish to take advantage of this exemption. You cannot move slaughter animals to a 'mixed' store and slaughter livestock market if you are under a standstill because of the presence of the 'store animals at the market.