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Movement Documents & Reporting Movements

Sheep, Goat, Pig, Deer and Cattle Movement Documents and Guidance

Animal Movement Licences (AML's)

Livestock are permitted to move under a General Licence. All movements must be accompanied by relevant documentation i.e.

  • Sheep - AML1
  • Pigs - eAML2/BPEX OR until 31st March 2012 AML2
  • Deer - AML24
  • Cattle - Passport

All deer, sheep and goat movements must be accompanied by a separate AML document for each movement, a copy of which must be returned to the Local Authority by the Premises of Destination within 3 days of the movement taking place.

The Local Authority of the destination premises, destination, haulier and departure each require a copy of the AML movement document.

Note that these documents aren't carbonated and you would therefore need to fill in 3 copies (1 for departure, 1 for Haulier + 1 for Destination), as well as a copy being forwarded to the Destination's Local Authority (MLCSL for Pig AML's).

The AML documents are carbonated documents and copies should be distributed as follows:

  • White - Local Authority of Destination premises (MLCSL for Pig AML's)
  • Pink - Destination Premises (retained for 3 years)
  • Yellow - Departure Premises

If you would like the carbonated documents and copies then please contact us on the details provided on the Contact tab.

Pig Movement Reporting

From 1 October 2011, new legislation has come into effect that requires keepers to pre-notify pig movements electronically, through the British Pig Executive (BPEX) /Meat & Livestock Commercial Services Ltd. Keepers without electronic internet access are offered a telephone bureau service.

Keepers can still use AML2 forms for reporting movements until 31stMarch 2012, after that they are no longer valid. For further information click on Pig Keepers Guidance on the right.

If using AML2 forms the destination premises must forward a copy to MLCSL, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2TL as Local Authorities no longer deal with these documents.

To register or see more information about the eAML2/BPEX system click on the following link:

Electronic Movement Licensing - eAML2

Cattle Movement Reporting

Notification of all cattle movements must be received in BCMS within 3 days of the movement. CTS online will help cattle keepers meet these requirements. For further information on this please contact the Farm Liaison Team at your Divisional office 01267 245400.

When notifying the death of an animal the passport must be received in BCMS within 7 days of the death. This is done by completing the back of the passport and returning it to BCMS.