Candidate Site Register

The Authority has previously (2018) invited anyone with an interest in land to submit sites for consideration for inclusion within the Local Development Plan. These sites are published in the Candidate Sites Register.

The sites have had and initial Assessment in terms of use and proximity to Services Centres, Larger Linked Settlements & Sustainable Link Settlements (the Larger & Sustainable Linked Settlements types are a departure from LDP1 and have yet to be agreed at Examination)

The Candidate Sites will be assessed, following the criteria set out in the Candidate Site Analysis Methodology.

Proposers of Candidate Sites will find out whether or not their site has been included in the LDP2 when a full draft of the Plan is published (known as the Deposit Plan). 

The Candidate Sites submitted in 2018 are also available to view on Ceredigion Maps.

Any comments received on specific candidate sites will not be dealt with as part of the Preferred Strategy consultation process. However any such comments received will be looked at when assessing sites at a later date.

Candidate Sites Register