The Welsh Standards’ purpose is to give more rights for people to use Welsh in their everyday lives. The Welsh Standards impose a greater duty on Local Authorities to plan for and increase the use of the Welsh language. 

The context for Welsh language legislation has changed for Local Authorities in Wales, moving from the requirements of the Welsh Language Scheme (set under the Welsh Language Act 1993), towards compliance with a set of new Welsh Language Standards (set under the Welsh Language Measure 2011).  The Measure has established official status for the Welsh language in Wales, as well as the general principle that Welsh should not be treated less favourably than the English language in Wales.

After a long period of consultation and discussion at a national and local level, the Welsh Language Commissioner issued local authorities and National Parks with their Welsh Language Standard Compliance Notices.  Other organisations will have to comply in due course; this is in accordance with the timetable of the Welsh Language Commissioner.

Ceredigion County Council must comply with 167 of the 176 standards listed in full in the Welsh Language Standards Regulations (No 1) 2015  effective from 1 April 2016.

The 167 Standards that Ceredigion must comply with are listed here:
Ceredigion Welsh Language Standards

The Standards’ main principle is that we will not treat the Welsh language less favourably than the English language when delivering services and operating from day to day. The Welsh Language Standards are grouped under 6 main Standards:

  1. Service Delivery Standards– focuses upon the provision of services, procurement, corporate identity and communication
  2. Policy Making Standards– focuses upon assessing impact on the Welsh language in all policy decisions and taking positive steps to promote Language use
  3. Operational Standards– focuses upon the promotion and facilitation of Welsh in relation to an organisation’s internal activities.
  4. Promotion Standards – focuses upon promoting the Welsh language in all aspects of our business including external / partnership work; and looks specifically at education and skills, language transmission, children and young people, the community and a supporting infrastructure for the Welsh language.
  5. Record Keeping Standards – focuses upon maintaining records for compliance in areas such as staff skills, complaints, training  and recruitment including compliance with the other Standards
  6. Additional Standards - requires the Authority to prepare an Annual Report regarding Standard compliance, and to provide information to the Welsh Language Commissioner as required

Further Information :
For further information on the Council’s Welsh language policy, contact the Welsh Language & Equalities Policy Officer