Ceredigion County Council is committed to supporting the Welsh language and culture, and to ensuring that its services and activities serve to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh Language across the county.

Welsh Language Standards

In accordance with the requirements of the Welsh Language Standards, under the Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011, the Council has adopted the principles that, in Wales, the Welsh language should not be treated no less favourably than the English language, and that persons in Wales should be able to live their lives through the medium of the Welsh language if they choose to do so. The official languages of the Council are Welsh and English and they shall have the same status and validity in the external and internal workings of the Council.

External Communication

Every member of the public in Ceredigion has the right to deal with the Council and its work in the language of their choice, and Council staff are required to respond positively to this option.

The Council’s strategic aims are:

  • The Council is committed to establishing itself as a bilingual organisation when we provide services to the public, when we work with partners and in our internal administration.
  • To encourage our workforce to take pride in the Welsh language. All Ceredigion County Council services are able to operate with an effective understanding of the bilingual communities served and is able to identify with them.
  • To offer service users a language preference when they contact the Council and to ensure continuity of service.
  • To respect the fact that individuals can express their views and needs better in their preferred language, and that this is a matter of good practice rather than a concession.
  • To work towards ensuring that services are available in both Welsh and English languages; that they are equal in terms of standard and quality and that the public are aware of the availability of these services.
  • To increase the use of the language internally by raising awareness among staff of the importance of providing bilingual services. To steadily increase the proportion of staff at all levels who have the ability and confidence to speak and write Welsh, in order to fulfil the principles of the Welsh Language Standards.
  • To support the aim of Welsh Government in achieving the objectives set out in their Welsh Language Strategy: Cymraeg 2050: A Million Welsh Speakers.

Reference: refer to the Welsh Language Standards that have been imposed on Ceredigion County Council by the Welsh Language Commissioner.

Internal Communication

Ceredigion County Council is supportive of the Welsh language, as it is one of the county’s most treasured characteristics. If we wish to see Welsh flourishing we need to use our Welsh skills in all aspects of life – including the workplace. Therefore in order to increase and to normalise the use of the Welsh language internally the Council would like to increase the opportunity for staff to choose their preferred language in formal and informal situations in their workplaces and whilst undertaking their work on a day by day basis. Accordingly, the Council

  • encourages its staff to speak Welsh at every opportunity
  • supports staff in improving their language skills, as learners and fluent speakers
  • is pleased to see staff working bilingually.

Download a copy of the Policy Statement: Welsh Language Policy Statement

Using Welsh when contacting the Council