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Promoting and Facilitating the Language

Ceredigion Language Strategy 2018-2023

A new Welsh language Strategy for Ceredigion has been approved for 2018-2023. Following a public consultation, the Strategy was approved by Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet in a meeting on 25th September 2018. The Strategy updates and develops on its predecessor.

It is acknowledged that the sustainability of the Welsh language depends on the process of strengthening Welsh communities through providing enough educational, cultural and social opportunities to use the language daily. To sustain viable Welsh communities where Welsh is a natural language of communication in Ceredigion, the Strategy recognises three key areas of priority; they are to increase the Welsh Language skills of the people of Ceredigion, to increase opportunities to use the Welsh Language, and to create the favourable conditions that will enable the Welsh Language to thrive in Ceredigion.

The Leader of the Council and Cabinet member responsible for the Welsh language, Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn said, “The Welsh language is an essential part of the heart of the communities of Ceredigion, but neighbourhoods are changing, and this has an influence on the language and culture. The new strategy is an opportunity for us to build on the work that has already been done, and to ensure that the Welsh language can be seen and heard to be a natural language of communication in our neighbourhoods.”

In accordance with the Welsh Language Standards, the strategy sets out how the Council will encourage the Welsh language and facilitate its use more broadly within the local area, through cooperating with organisations that are members of Ceredigion’s Bilingual Futures Language Forum. The Strategy supports the Welsh Government’s vision to create a million of Welsh speakers in Wales by 2050.

The Strategy can be downloaded here:

Ceredigion Language Strategy 2018-23

Action Plan

Review Ceredigion Welsh Language Strategy 2018-23

The Ceredigion Bilingual Futures Forum has developed a ‘Language Resource’, which signposts you to resources to help you use Welsh:

In addition, the Council supports other Strategies, that contribute to the work of the Ceredigion Bilingual Futures Forum, as we progress with the work of reinforcing the language in the county.

Ceredigion County Council implements the Welsh in Education Strategic Plan, which sets out the Council's intention to promote Welsh medium education within the County:

Ceredigion County Council Social Services are working towards achieving the Welsh Government Strategic Framework 'More Than Just Words' for improving Welsh language services within Health, Social Services and Social Care:

The Council also supports Cered (Ceredigion Language Initiative) aimed at creating opportunities and encouraging residents in Ceredigion to use Welsh more often in all aspects of their lives: