Welsh Language Policy Statement

Ceredigion County Council is committed to supporting the Welsh language and culture, and to ensuring that its services and activities serve to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh Language across the county.

Download the Welsh Language Policy Statement in full here: Welsh Language Policy Statement

Download the message 'You are welcome to use Welsh' here: Using Welsh when contacting the Council

Ceredigion County Council Celebrates Welsh Language Rights Day.


Today, 7 December 2020, Ceredigion County Council will take part in the national Welsh Language Rights Day.  This is a day to celebrate the Welsh language services offered by organisations, and the rights people have to use the Welsh language when dealing with them. It is an opportunity to promote Welsh language services and to try to increase the number who choose to use them.

Today on Welsh Rights Day, Ceredigion County Council is publishing a list of rights so that our service users know they have rights to use the Welsh language. In addition, as a Council we would like to see more people using our services in Welsh. We have set about creating a workforce that can work confidently through the medium of Welsh, and therefore want to encourage people to contact us in Welsh.

These Welsh language rights have been developed in accordance with the Welsh Language Standards. Visit our Welsh Language Standards page for more information.

With us, you have rights to...

Here are some of your rights. For a full list, and exact details of your rights to use the Welsh language, please visit:

Welsh Language Commissioner

The Leader of the Council, Ellen ap Gwynn said “Ceredigion County Council is pleased to celebrate Welsh Rights Day 2020. We want to encourage everyone to use and share the Welsh language. We have hard-working and dedicated Welsh-speaking staff across Council services, and we want to encourage people to contact us in Welsh, and to use these services. If you are a Welsh speaker or learner, make sure you make use of the language and exercise the rights that are available to you.”

Your Council, your Language, your choice