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Poverty Sub Group


The purpose of the Poverty Sub group is to act on behalf of Ceredigion Public Services Board to develop and deliver a co-ordinated response to the increased risk of hardship faced by Ceredigion citizens due to the far-reaching economic and social implications of COVID-19.

In particular, we would aim to maximise support with essential living costs, gain optimal physical and emotional wellbeing and ensure supportive and connected communities for the people of Ceredigion.

The Tackling Hardship Strategy will provide a robust framework that will enable a shared understanding of the situation, consolidate and develop a range of initiatives to mitigate risk and implement early and preventative action. The Strategy will provide a single document to ensure that Council leaders, our partners and the public are regularly updated on progress.

The Strategy supports the delivery of:

  • Ceredigion County Council Corporate Strategy
  • Ceredigion PSB Local Well-being Plan

It will align with and add value to:

  • A Fair and Equal Ceredigion 2020-24 (Ceredigion County Council’s Strategic Equality Plan)
  • Ceredigion Economic Strategy 2020-35
  • Ceredigion Economic Adjustment and Resilience Strategy
  • Ceredigion Housing Strategy

Our understanding of the Covid 19 crisis is changing rapidly and further data will emerge over the coming weeks and months that will help shape and develop the implementation of this Strategy.