The purpose of the Poverty Sub group is to act on behalf of Ceredigion Public Services Board to develop and deliver the Combating Poverty Strategy and facilitate an appropriate local response to tackling different poverty issues within the County.

This strategy details the national strategies it is aligned with and those local plans and strategies that it complements as well as setting out 10 Priorities of how the Ceredigion PSB will work collaboratively towards mitigating the impact of poverty on its citizens.

This strategy also enables the Public Service Board to meet its statutory requirement to deliver a Child Poverty Strategy which is integrated into this wider Combating Poverty Strategy.

The 10 Priorities for action set out in the Combating Poverty Strategy:

  1. Reduce the number of low income households and workless households
  2. Increase skills amongst adults and young people
  3. Reduce inequalities of opportunity for young people, children and young families – Education Outcomes
  4. Reduce health inequalities and improve outcomes
  5. Prevent housing need from escalating into housing crisis
  6. Tackle poverty through sustainable employment
  7. Raise awareness and deliver projects that tackle fuel poverty
  8. Maximise benefit entitlements for older people and other vulnerable groups
  9. Support residents in dealing with the impact of Welfare Reform
  10. Sustain and develop better access to services