Here you will find information on Active Travel in Ceredigion.

The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 places a duty on local authorities to plan for, improve, and promote routes for walking and cycling for every day journeys.

The (Phase 3) Statutory Consultation for Ceredigion’s Active Travel Network Map Review is now open.

Please note that this 12 week public consultation will close at midnight on Friday 19th November 2021.

Download the Active Travel Map for Aberystwyth below (updated April 2022)

Paper copies are available in the Town Library, Tourist Information Centre, Plascrug Leisure Centre and local bike shops in the town.

The web version of the Active Travel Map for Aberystwyth, available to download below, has been updated to include locations of new E-bike charging stations at the National Library of Wales and at Aberystwyth University Penglais Campus. These are free for the public to use, but please note that users will need their own E-bike charging plug and lead pack.

Active Travel Map for Aberystwyth

Active Travel Map for Aberystwyth

The 'Get Cycling Ceredigion' magazine includes information to help people of all ages to get on their bike and start cycling.

This magazine also includes guidance on cycle maintenance and safety and a map of the Ystwyth Trail - a 21-mile (34 km) multi-use trail linking Aberystwyth, Llanfarian, Ystrad Meurig and Tregaron with lots of off-road sections for safe, family friendly cycling.

Ceredigion County Council is working with Sustrans Cymru as part of Welsh Government’s Active Travel Network Map consultation (ATNM).

The ATNM is a plan of routes that Ceredigion County Council will use to inform where improvements to walking and cycling should be made within the county. It will help to make journeys on foot or by bike across Ceredigion easier and safer for everyone, particularly those who don’t currently walk or cycle often and people who use mobility aids.

Recently, we invited you to tell us about the barriers that you may face when walking and cycling on your everyday journeys. We had a great response – over 1,000 people responded making 778 comments!

We have considered these comments and we have drafted route plans, showing existing and future routes for walking and cycling for everyday journeys in Aberystwyth, Cardigan and Lampeter.

We invited you to tell us if the proposed routes are more likely to help you get around your local area as a pedestrian or cyclist. If not, we asked you to consider what other improvements may be appropriate. For the purposes of this review, the focus was on routes within the three Welsh Government-designated localities in Ceredigion - Aberystwyth, Cardigan and Lampeter - as well as connections to their immediately surrounding communities.

View the draft map by visiting the Your Local Active Travel Network website.

Please note that this 12 week public consultation will close at midnight on Friday 19th November 2021.

Integrated Network Map

Ceredigion Council is required by the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 to produce an Integrated Network Map setting out a 15 year programme of improvements to active travel routes.

Following public consultation on how to improve cycling and walking routes in the Active Travel Designated Localities of Aberystwyth, Cardigan and Lampeter, the Integrated Network Maps were submitted to the Welsh Government in November 2017. These maps were then approved by the Minister on 27 February 2018 and can be viewed below:


Cardigan (Please note that routes in St Dogmaels are within Pembrokeshire County Council)

Lampeter (Please note that routes in Cwmann are within Carmarthenshire County Council)

Please note: the routes are aspirational only at this stage and there is no guarantee that the Authority will be able to get the funding or grants needed to construct them, however we will endeavour to seek funding wherever we can.

The Welsh Government have requested that the Integrated Network Maps and Existing Route Maps should be resubmitted on 31 December 2021.

Existing Route Map

In order to meet this duty, local authorities must publish an Existing Routes Map which shows routes which are suitable for walking or cycling and which meet the standards set out in the Welsh Government’s Active Travel Design Guidance.

The Existing Routes Map will be of use for people who wish to plan their walking and cycling journeys.

It will also allow progress to be measured in the development of Ceredigion’s walking and cycling networks, as new routes are created and added to the Existing Routes Map over time.

Following public consultation in 2017, the Existing Route Map was amended and approved by Welsh Government. If you require paper copies of the Existing Routes Maps, or copies in an alternative format, please contact us.

The Existing Route Maps do not show all possible walking and cycling routes, however the routes shown have undergone an audit which shows that they meet the standards set out in Welsh Government Guidance.

The Existing Routes Maps for:




The Existing Routes Map for walking and cycling should be read in conjunction with the Statement and Explanation, which provides additional information about a small number of routes which do not meet the standards set out in Welsh Government Guidance, but still provide useful links in the overall network.