Up-to-date LDPs are an essential part of a plan-led planning system and in order to ensure that there is a regular and comprehensive assessment of whether plans remain up-to-date the Council must undertake a full review of the adopted LDP at intervals not longer than 4 years from adoption. Consequently, a review of the adopted Ceredigion LDP was triggered on 31st Oct 2016 after the third Annual Monitoring Report (AMR).

The Review Report considered and set out those areas of the LDP which are delivering and performing well, and those areas where changes will be required. It also set out the requirements for a Revised LDP, and recommend that the Plan be revised.

Both the content of the Review Report and Replacement Plan Delivery Agreement were considered at the following:

Before being consulted on between 2nd November 2017 & 13th December 2017.

The responses to the consultation were presented to Cabinet (23rd January 2018) & Council (24th January 2018) for consideration and approval for submission to Welsh Minsters (1st March 2018).