As the number of coronavirus cases in Cardigan and surrounding areas continue to rise, Ceredigion County Council is taking every step to help stop the virus from spreading further in our communities.

One of these steps includes reintroducing road closures in Cardigan’s Safe Zone temporarily in order to ensure people can keep the required social distance when roaming the streets. Protecting people’s health and wellbeing in challenging times like these remains our main priority.

The Safe Zone will come into effect from Thursday 26 November 2020 until further notice. Roads will then be closed everyday between 11am and 4.30pm, Monday to Saturday. Roads will remain open on Sundays. During this time, buses will be allowed to travel through High Street and Pendre.

In light of the recent surge in cases in the Cardigan locality, the Safe Zone is one way to ensure people are able maintain a 2 metre social distance at all times. Remember, you must also adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Wash your hands regularly;
    • Limit your social contact;
    • Work from home wherever possible;
    • Wear a face mask in indoor public places, shops and on public transport.

More information can be seen on the Safe Zones web page: and all the latest information on the coronavirus in Ceredigion can be found here:

Stay apart to play your part.

Together, we can keep Ceredigion safe.