Ceredigion is rich in habitats and wildlife.

The damp, heathy pastures - 'rhos' pastures - dominated by purple moor-grass and rush species (also the habitat of the rare Marsh Fritillary butterfly; wetlands of international importance that support wildfowl and waders and oak woodland all contribute to the biodiversity of the County. In addition, Ceredigion is a stronghold for the Red Kite and Chough.

The coastline and estuaries of Cardigan Bay are also of importance for sea birds whilst its waters support Bottlenose Dolphin, Harbour Porpoise and Atlantic Grey Seal.

The Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Ceredigion was produced in 2002 by the Ceredigion Biodiversity Partnership, which comprises a range of organisations with responsibilities for wildlife. The Plan focuses on some of the most significant elements of Ceredigion's natural environment, taking account of national objectives and targets. For the most up to date version of the Ceredigion LBAP and more information please visit the Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) website.

The Local Biodiversity Partnership has a central role in measures to enhance biodiversity in Ceredigion. The partnership is made of a range of organisations which play a part in conserving the wildlife and habitats in the County.

The Local Biodiversity Action Plan provides a framework for sustaining Ceredigion's wildlife resource and a means by which the community can work together for the future well-being of the County's biodiversity. It continues to be review and updated with new habitat and species action plans added.

Take a look at the Habitat and Species Action Plans that are part of the plan:

Bottlenose Dolphin

Brown Hare

Hornet Robberfly

Roadside Verges

Water Vole

Pearl Bordered Fritillary



Pipistrelle Bats

Red Squirrel

Marsh Fritillary

Greater Butterfly Orchid

Rhos Pasture


Maritime Cliff and Slope

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