The guidance below should help you decide if you can take your waste to the site, and whether you will need to apply for a Day Permit.

No permit needed

Privately owned:

  • Car
  • Small sized van e.g., Partner, Kangoo, Caddy, Transit Connect etc
  • Small to medium sized van with side windows and seats
  • Estate car
  • Pick-up/4x4
  • Small domestic trailer: 8ft x 4ft or smaller

On condition that the vehicles are carrying household waste.

Permit needed

  • Medium sized van, e.g., Transit Custom, Expert, Vivaro, Trafic, Dispatch, Transporter
  • Trailer larger than those specified in No permit needed*
  • Minibus
  • Commercially Owned vehicle
  • Hire van that falls into the above categories

On condition that the vehicles are carrying household waste.

*Permit approved at the discretion of the Council and Site Operator, depending on the type and size of the trailer and waste to be disposed of.

Not allowed on site

  • Lorry
  • Flatbed van
  • Large van e.g., Luton box van, Transit, Crafter, Master, Boxer
  • Tipper van
  • Tractor
  • Horse box
  • Agricultural vehicle
  • Any other vehicle not included elsewhere

Applying for a Day Permit

  • The Day Permit allows for a single visit to the Household Waste Site. No more than one permit per month will be issued to any individual/household. If you require to dispose of greater quantities of waste than the permit allows, please make alternative arrangements such as skip hire/ commercial waste collection services.

  • Please contact us to arrange a permit. You will be asked to provide:
    • the type and quantity of waste that you wish to take to the site
    • the planned date of your visit
    • The make, model of the vehicle, and registration number

  • To obtain a permit, at least one full working day’s notice is required. To visit on a Monday, the permit will need to be requested by 12:00noon on the Friday prior to the visit. To visit the household waste site on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday the permit will need to be requested by 4:30pm on the Thursday prior to the visit.