Prominent Members of the Council

  • Leader of the Council: Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn
  • Deputy Leader of the Council: Cllr Ray Quant MBE
  • Chairman of the Council: Cllr Gareth Davies
  • Vice-Chairman of the Council: Cllr Paul Hinge

Executive Groups

  • Plaid Cymru (20), Independents (11), Independent Voice (3)

Non Executive Group

  • Liberal Democrats (8)

The Cabinet - Councillors Portfolio

  • Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn - Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Policy and Performance, Partnerships
  • Cllr Ray Quant MBE - Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Legal and Governance, People and Organisation and Democratic Services
  • Cllr Dafydd Edwards - Highways and Environmental Services, Housing and Customer Contact
    Cllr Rhodri Evans - Economy and Regeneration
  • Cllr Catherine Hughes - Porth Ceredigion, Early Intervention, Wellbeing Hubs and Culture
  • Cllr Gareth Lloyd - Finance and Procurement Services and Public Protection Services
  • Cllr Catrin Miles -Schools, Lifelong Learning and Skills, Support and Intervention
  • Cllr Alun Williams - Porth Cynnal