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Our Parenting Officer and skilled Family Workers work alongside parents and Carers to strengthen family resilience. We do this by supporting parents to improve their own well-being and learn new skills.

We devise and structure action plans with families by using a Signs of Safety approach which helps to identify potential solutions rather than focus on problems. This assists family members to identify and implement the actions that will achieve their own goals.

The services we offer can help adults with their routines, provide coaching in positive parenting techniques and help engage with social & community activities.

Our parenting officer and family workers work closely with Team Around the Family. In addition to our groups and courses, one-to-one support to families within the area is available.

Courses we offer

  • Preparation for Parenthood
  • Welcome to the World - The Welcome to the World programme is an 8-week group for parents expecting a baby. Parents attend the group from approximately 26 weeks of pregnancy. Topics include empathy and loving attentiveness, infant brain development, healthy eating choices, breastfeeding, infant care, managing stress and difficult feelings, promoting self-esteem and confidence, and the couple relationship.
  • Baby Massage – Baby massage supports bonding, soothe baby, improves sleep and many more benefits. The course is for parents of babies between the ages of eight weeks to seven months.
  • Incredible Years – Baby and Toddler
    Eight week programme; offers an opportunity to share experiences and ideas with others whilst extending your knowledge in a supportive environment.
  • GroBrain Baby and Toddler
    GroBrain courses run over four weeks, during the course we explore the importance of bonding, brain development, attachment and communication.
  • Family Links Nurture Programme – The Nurture Programme is a 10 week programme that aims to improve the emotional health of both parents and children, it supports adults to understand and manage feelings and behaviour and become more positive and nurturing in their relationships with children and each other.
  • Family Links Nurture Programme for parents of children with a disability of Special Needs - The Parent Nurture for parents of a child with a disability is a tailored programme for parents of children ages three to thirteen. The ten-week programme gives ideas and strategies to help support a child when they’re overwhelmed with their emotions, gives information on why children behave the way they do and provides peer support from other parents in similar situations and who have shared similar experiences.
  • Autism Programme - The Autism Parents Programme is run over ten weeks and is delivered virtually in two-hour sessions. This programme was designed to support parents of children who are either on the SCAT or NDT waiting list, awaiting an Autism assessment or if their child has recently received an Autism diagnosis. Attendees must have a child recently diagnosed or currently awaiting an ASC assessment to meet criteria of group
  • ADHD Programme - A person centred workshop for parents run alongside Judith Thomas Paediatric ADHD Nurse Specialist and Parenting and Family Support team to develop understanding of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), what a diagnosis of ADHD will mean to parents and children alongside considering strategies to address some of the common behaviours - attendees must have a child recently diagnosed or currently awaiting an ADHD diagnosis to meet criteria of group.
  • Space - The Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally (SPACE) Programme is designed with the aim of providing information, using trauma awareness, about children’s and adult’s emotional behaviour.
  • Blame it on the Brain - Blame it on the Brain is a one-day workshop that we have developed as a team. Topics such as Adolescent Brain Development, Communication, I statement, Rules and Boundary setting, and much more are covered in the workshop. The workshops take place throughout the county and are available for parents of adolescent young people between the ages of eight to sixteen.
  • Talking Teens - Based on the most recent research on adolescence, and consistent with the principles of the Nurturing Programme, the groups provide a positive view of teenage development and focus on relationships within the family, communication, negotiating, decision-making and strategies to reduce conflict.
  • Online Safety and Gaming - The webinar is a one-off online session that aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the risks associated with online gaming and using the internet. We highlight age restrictions and methods of communication. The workshop is aimed at parents/carers of children and young people as well as professionals
  • Triple P Teen - Triple P is a parenting programme for parents of adolescent young people. The programme provides a toolbox of ideas and parents choose the strategies needed and the way you want to use them. It’s all about making Triple P work for you. It’s an eight- week programme, five in group and three at home practice sessions.

We ensure that up-to-date, accurate information is available at all times to enable families to make informed choices and to be aware of all services available to them.