During this challenging period, Porth Cymorth Cynnar has established a virtual platform to ensure that we are able to keep in touch with vulnerable residents across Ceredigion.

Due to the restrictions introduced to safeguard our communities against Coronavirus, many residents will not be able to access their usual provision or support such as parent groups or GP Referral Exercise Classes. Instead, we are ensuring that all residents whom are known to our services, and others, are kept in touch with, through regular welfare calls, should they wish.

Around 2,000 residents from young people to families to carers, who may require or benefit from regular contact whilst their service is not operating in its usual form, will receive communication from our staff.

To date, almost 2,000 welfare calls have been made, and have been well received by people across Ceredigion. Residents have said that it is great that someone is keeping in touch with them, to give them an opportunity to have a weekly phone call and someone to talk to.

Mrs Edwards (name changed for anonymity) has received her first Keeping in Touch call from a member of the Porth Cymorth Cynnar team. Mrs Edwards currently receives support three times a day from a family carer. This week, Mrs Edwards has expressed to our team that she is worried that this care may stop considering the COVID-19 circumstance. Our member of staff provided Mrs Edwards with her mobile number to keep in touch to discuss her worries, and the Emergency Duty Team’s 24/7 number was provided as an additional measure for Mrs Edwards. Daily contact will be made with Mrs Edwards to ensure her health and wellbeing. Mrs Edwards said she appreciated a welfare call and expressed it was a relief to speak to someone.

If you, or anyone you know would benefit from the Keeping in Touch Service, please get in touch with our Customer Services team on 01545 570881 or clic@ceredigion.gov.uk who will triage your query to Porth Cymorth Cynnar.

Porth Cymorth Cynnar are also regularly updating resource lists which are available on the Council’s website.