Everyone has the right to quiet enjoyment in their home.

If you feel this has been disturbed due to excessive noise, for example persistent barking dogs, late night noise from pubs or clubs or machinery then the Local Authority can investigate the cause of the problem and this may lead to action taken against the perpetrator. To report a complaint click here.

The assessment of noise nuisance is based on:

  • whether it is 'reasonable', bearing in mind the locality
  • how often noise occurs
  • how many people are affected

Each case is judged on its merits and is based on the sensitivity of the average person. The first thing the Local Authority will do is ask you to complete a 'diary sheet' to establish the type of noise, occurrences and time of the incidents. This will enable the investigating officer to determine if a noise nuisance has taken place and the frequency and severity of the noise. If warranted sound recording over a 6 day period will take place prior to any enforcement action taking place. The perpetrator will be notified of the investigation prior to any noise recording taking place. In extreme circumstances the Local Authority may issue an abatement notice which may limit the times or the loudness of the noise and can impose fines of up to £20,000.

If the noise is as a result of a licenced premises or event then you should contact the Local Authority Licencing Section on 01545 572179 or email licensing@ceredigion.gov.uk