For commercial premises the cost per visit for rat and mice destruction and insect disinfection work is carried out at a rate of £148.00 (including VAT) plus cost of materials. The Council offers commercial pest control contracts to operators of local businesses including farms, where regular treatments are carried out during a twelve month period. Prices are variable depending on size of premises, numbers of treatments required etc. and we are happy to undertake surveys to provide a quotation. A survey fee applies in some circumstances.

The treatment for rats and mice cannot be guaranteed for periods longer than two weeks after eradication, as rodents are opportunists and may re-infest an area unless sound pest proofing / controls have been introduced.

All treatment will be carried out as humanely as possible. The council’s pest control officers are fully trained and use only approved pesticides and insecticides.

When treatments are carried out customers will receive details of treatments carried out in their properties / on their premises. Every effort is made to respond to a request for treatment within 3 working days. The Council wardens do not generally operate on week-ends or public holidays. If the call for service is high, there may be occasions when customers will be advised that visits may not be possible within 3 work days. Customers may then be advised to contact other local service providers.

We can offer commercial pest control contracts to help prevent and treat various pests. An officer will monitor the site and treat any pest as necessary. It is possible to tailor contracts to meet individual needs, and 12 month contracts are available.

A standard contract includes 4 visits to deal with mice or rats, as well as 4 revisits as necessary. Additional visits can also be arranged if desired.

The price will vary depending on the size of the site and the type of pests you include within the contract:

New pest control contract / Existing pest control contract

The first step is to contact us to arrange a free assessment of the site. Contact us:
phone: 01545 572105 (09:00 - 16:30, Monday – Thurs / 09:00 – 16:00 Friday) The first time you contact us we will ask you to create an account.

Social Landlords - 'Pests free certificate'

The Community wardens can supply a certificate and report, following inspection of flats or bedsits to indicate if the dwelling is free of rats, mice and insect pests. This scheme is new and the fees and charges are as follows:

  • Single or 2 storey dwelling: £164.00 plus £82.00 per additional storey
  • HMO: £82.00 per household / bedsit
  • Flats: £123.00 per flat

Please note that the continued absence of an infestation following an inspection depends on a large number of factors. Reports will contain advice on pest proofing precautions.

Community Warden Pest Control Service

The most common pests that we deal with are:

Rats | Mice | Wasps | Fleas | Cluster flies | Cockroaches | Ants

Other insects - Book lice, Carpet beetles, Moths

Bees are a protected species. In most cases the Council will make every effort not to kill bees and the most appropriate method of control is the safe removal to a hive. The council does not provide this service and you should contact a local beekeeper via the British Beekeepers Association, who may charge for their services. The Council does not generally carry out work to destroy birds (Seagulls, crows, starlings and pigeons etc.) moles, or foxes, squirrels and rabbits. Whilst we do not offer an eradication service for nuisance birds we are able to offer advice on bird proofing measures that are available. Bats are protected species.

For information on Wild mammals: management and control options - (moles, foxes, squirrels and rabbits etc.) see:, contact Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Wildlife Management Team on 0345 933 5577.

Please note that we offer a service to deal with cockroaches. Charges are set following a survey to establish the scale of a specific problem.

Domestic properties

The cost of a treatment in 2023/2024 for rats or mice in domestic properties is currently £65.00 (including VAT).  The Council also offers pest control contracts to owner/occupiers of domestic properties with egg production/chicken coop units and smallholding with livestock where regular treatments are carried out during a twelve month period.  Customers should be aware that a call out fee of £51.00 applies when Community Wardens have not found any evidence of an infestation and where no treatment is therefore required.  Rodenticides and insecticides will not be applied when there is no evidence of any vermin.  The terms and conditions that apply are indicated below.

The cost of treatment for insect pests in domestic properties is £110.00 (including VAT).  Wasp destruction work is charged at £84.00 per visit/treatment.  Please note that the Council cannot guarantee that a pest will be fully eradicated in every case.  Insect destruction treatments may sometimes only be effective for up to 4 weeks.  Much depends on the degree of management of the ongoing conditions and circumstances.  Treatment for rats and mice cannot be guaranteed for periods longer than two weeks after eradication, as rodents are opportunists and may re-infest an area unless sound pest proofing/controls have been introduced.

Fees and charges

All current scales of fees and charges are explained on the Council's Fees and Charges web page.


For further advice on services available – contact Public Protection Team – Tel: 01545 572105 (09:00 to 16:30 Mon to Thurs / 09:00 to 16:00 Fridays) / or e-mail:

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the Pest Control phone booking service and should be read before requesting or accepting the services.

Council fees

  1. Where an additional, pest control treatment is required (for example if the officer finds another pest which was not part of the initial request), the fee for the additional treatment will be payable at the time of the initial treatment visit
  2. The services, fees and charges are subject to change at any time
  3. By making payment you accept the service and agree to these terms and conditions
  4. If you provide incorrect information which means the incorrect fee is charged, any additional charge will be payable at the time of the initial treatment visit

Appointments and access to property

  1. If the Council needs to gain access to the customer's property in order to administer the services, you will ensure that someone is present at the property at the time of the appointment
  2. For health and safety reasons, in some cases the person present at the property must be over 16 years old
  3. No refund will be given if the Council can't gain entry to the property because the customer is absent at the appointment time
  4. If the Council can't administer the services because you have not followed the pre-visit instructions, no refund will be made. You will need to schedule a new appointment and pay the normal fee. The fee will be reduced to £51.00 if the Community warden is satisfied that no treatment is necessary due to the absence of any infestation

Cancellation / rescheduling of appointment

  1. If you cancel an appointment and do not reschedule, no refund shall be given
  2. If you reschedule the appointment at least one working day before the appointment, the Council will not charge any further fee
  3. If the Council can't keep an appointment, we will contact you as soon as possible to offer an alternative. If the Council cancels and appointment and cannot offer an alternative time within three working days, the fee will be refunded within five working days
  4. If an appointment is missed because of events beyond the Council’s control, the Council can't accept responsibility for any inconvenience or losses caused

The services

  1. The Council reserves the right not to administer the services at the property
  2. The Council does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury to any domestic animals, birds, goods or equipment unless it was caused by negligence by the Council or its employees
  3. The Council must be notified in writing of any loss, damage or injury within five working days
  4. The fee for rodent instruction includes a revisit inspection which should normally take place within ten working days of the original visit. Further work will then be charged at the normal rate. The Council cannot guarantee that a pest will be fully eradicated in every case
  5. Council operatives will not remove treated wasp nests unless requested to do so. Following treatment, the nest must however be left for at least 24 hours before it can be removed. A charge of £51.00 will apply to the nest collection / disposal visit. In some cases, it will not be possible to remove wasp nests if they are not readily accessible to the operatives
  6. Council operatives will only remove dead rodents where it is practicable for them to do so. The Council reserves the right to refuse collection