Caru CeredigionPromoting the positives

Caru Ceredigion’s is all about inspiring everyone in the County to promote the positives in terms of behaviours, attitudes and profile - this is good for them, the local community and Ceredigion.

Making a difference

  • Encouraging and inspiring every generation to get involved – everyone can do something
  • Working together to make Ceredigion a healthier environment to live in and promote sustainable living
  • Enhancing and developing new relationships with key stakeholders and partner organisations including voluntary and community organisations, and members of the Ceredigion Public Services Board
  • Being aspirational but having realistic expectations
  • Recognising, celebrating and enjoying all that is good about Ceredigion

Clutter Free Ceredigion

Waste - Thank you for doing the right thing

Dog Fouling - Thank you for doing the right thing

Public Paths

Keeping our county clean

Template signs for waste storage facilities