You might find these websites helpful particularly regarding bereavement and memorials

External websites 

  • ICCM - Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management. The ICCM is an Institute that has represented professionals working in burial and cremation authorities and companies throughout the UK since 1913.
  • NAMM - National Association of Memorial Masons
    NAMM is an organisation dedicated to furthering the memorial masonry industry and safeguarding the interests of the bereaved through the promotion of high standards, wide choice and increased understanding in all matters relating to natural stone memorials.
  • BRAMM - British Register Of Accredited Memorial Masons
    A registration scheme which aims to establish a recognised standard of workmanship throughout the UK and will protect the public by ensuring that adequate public liability insurance is provided. It is also essential that an accredited business and a registered fixer follow current health & safety legislation in order to protect both the public and their employees.
  • The Bereavement Services Portal - The UK's largest on line bereavement services contact directory of its kind.
  • Arranging A Funeral - A site offering advice and guidance concerning recent bereavement.
  • The Church in Wales - Events and activities of the Anglican Province of the Church in Wales.
  • Aberystwyth Crematorium & Cemetery, Ceredigion - Information regarding the services offered by the County’s only Crematorium.