Addressing Counter Terrorism & Extremism – The Ceredigion Channel Panel

Like child protection, Channel is a multi-agency safeguarding programme run in every local authority in England and Wales. It works to support vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism and provides a range of support such as mentoring, counselling, assistance with employment etc. Channel is about early intervention to protect vulnerable people from being drawn into committing terrorist-related activity and addresses all types of extremism.

Participation in Channel is voluntary. It is up to an individual, or their parents for children aged 17 and under, to decide whether to take up the support it offers. Channel does not lead to a criminal record.

The local Channel Panel Chair is Alan Garrod, Community Safety & Civil Contingencies Manager, Ceredigion County Council. If you have any concerns about someone and would like more advice please contact the Ceredigion Community Safety & Civil Contingencies Unit at telephone numbers 01545 572012 or 01545 572432 or by email at