Housing, Settlement Strategy & Population

Draft Settlement Strategy Background Paper 2019

2016 Ceredigion Local Housing Market Assessment (LHMA)

Draft Housing and Population Background Paper 2019 

Draft Housing Delivery Topic Paper 2019 

Draft Housing Topic Paper 2019 

Draft Affordable Housing Viability Assessment 2017

The Authority is currently working on a Regional Affordable Housing Viability Assessment which should supersede the 2017 Draft Study

Welsh Language

Draft Welsh Language and Impact Assessments Topic Paper


Draft Rural Economy and Employment Topic Paper 2019 

Ceredigion Employment Land Survey 2019 (2017 data)

Minerals and Waste

Draft Minerals Topic Paper 2019 

Draft Waste Topic Paper 2019 


Draft Retail Topic Paper 

SWWales Regional Retail Study Executive Summary 2017 Eng 


Draft Tourism Topic Paper 2019 


Draft The LDP and Well-being Topic Paper 2019