Selling an empty home is no different to selling any other type of property. For the best advice on selling your property you are advised to contact a local estate agent who will be able to value the property and market it.

There are many Estate Agents in the Ceredigion locality. You may want to consider their advertising range or online presence, how much their commission is and who will look after viewings.

Most Estate Agents now have an online presence. You may be able to get your property on to a more specialist website such as those selling plots of land, or properties in need of renovation.


Another effective way of selling your property is by auction. Prospective buyers make bids for the property on the auction day and the successful (highest) bidder must go through with the purchase within a specified number of days. Auctions are a quick and decisive way of selling. Once the hammer has fallen a binding contract of sale is established.

This can be an effective way to dispose of property which is difficult to sell and often results in a good price being achieved for dilapidated property.

A great advantage of an auction sale is that the audience is usually made up of developers, cash buyers, investors and portfolio landlords who may well have different requirements to prospective homeowners buying at an estate agent.

Speak to a local estate agent or auctioneer about auctions held in the area.

Choosing the right auctioneer is important. Clearly trying to sell an old wreck in an auction specialising in prestige mansions isn’t the best idea. Different auction houses attract different client groups and picking the one most likely to be interested in your property is a good way of choosing. Other factors you should consider are the size of the potential attendance at the auction; the more people that attend the more likely that a property is going to sell.

Look for the success rates of different auction houses. They vary between 60 and 90 percent. And lastly look for the fees, these vary too, but don’t forget that a good auction house that achieves good sales price will be better value even if its fees are higher.

The seller is normally charged a fee by the auctioneer this covers a proportion of the cost of marketing the property and running the auction. This fee has to be paid even if the property is not sold. In addition if the property is sold the seller pays a commission to the auctioneer in much the same way an estate agent does. Charges are similar to estate agents fees. In addition most auctioneers charge a small buyers fee that is paid by the buyer if they are the successful bidder.

Selling to Housing Associations

Selling to one of the local Housing Associations may also be an option. Due to the Right to Buy, Housing Associations have lost a substantial amount of their stock over the years and can be interested in purchasing back empty properties in order to increase their housing stock. This is particularly true of empty properties that are next to or in the neighbourhood of their existing housing stock. Ceredigion County Council does not own any housing stock but you may be able to contact the following Housing Associations within the county.

Mid Wales Housing Ffordd Croesawdy, newtown, Powys, SY16 1AL 0300 111 3030
Wales & West Housing Cwrt y Llan, Church Lane, Newcastle Emlyn, SA38 9AB 0800 052 2526
Tai Ceredigion Pont Steffan Business Park / Unit 4, Lampeter, SA48 7HH 0345 606 7654