Are you learning Welsh? Click below for some useful resources.

​Y Bont - This website is full of language exercises for you to practise your Welsh.

Learn Welsh App - Buy and download an App to learn Welsh on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. This App supports the Mynediad course.

Surface Languages - You can learn words and sentences with this free website.

Learn Welsh Net - This free website offers you lessons and games for learning basic vocabulary.

Say Something in Welsh - A very popular series of 3 course on MP3 recordings. The first course is free. Look for their app! (available in Apple and Android).

Cadw Sŵn - This beginners course uses stories and background music as a teaching method - course book and DVD.

Acen - There are language games and taster lessons on this website.

Dal Ati on S4C - This website includes vocabulary, information, clips and activities to help you understand television programmes in Welsh.

ffrinDiaith - With this website you can register and be paired up with a fluent Welsh speaker who can help you really get going with chatting in Welsh!

Learn Welsh In Mid Wales - Welsh for Adults Mid Wales Centre: Find a course that is suitable and convenient to you.

Need help in using your computer in Welsh? Click below for some useful guides.

Using Welsh on the computer

Improve your Welsh

Not sure of the correct mutation? Worried about spelling mistakes?

Try some online improving Welsh sessions.

Cymarfer - Developed by Canolfan Bedwyr in Bangor University the 'Cymarfer improving Welsh lessons' discusses common problems such as the difference between 'mae' and 'mai' and how to avoid the influence of English when writing in Welsh.

Improving Welsh Video Lessons - These video clips, developed by the Sabbatical Scheme, discusses some of the problems that can arise when writing in Welsh.

Cysgliad - A spell checker that will also check your mutations.

Ap Geiriadur - Here is a free dictionary that you can download as an app on to your phone or tablet.

Porth Termau Cenedlaethol Cymru - The National Terms Portal of Wales. Here you can search for technical academic terms in Welsh and English.

Welsh National Database of Terms - A useful place to search for workplace terms.

Term Cymru - The terminology database that the Welsh Government's translators use.