Are you an adult who has been ill or has had an accident and now struggle to look after yourself, unable to cope with day-to-day tasks such as personal care, preparing meals and moving around? If you want to stay independent in your own home for as long as possible there is support available.

Enablement Service

The Enablement Service can help and support you to regain independence so that you can remain at home or to return home after a period in hospital or a residential home. You will need to be assessed to see if you are eligible for the service.

It is a short-term service (up to 6 weeks) and is free of charge but if after this time, you still require care you may have to pay for it but you can ask for a financial assessment to see how much (if any) you have to contribute to the charge.

You will be supported by a team consisting of Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Assessing & Reviewing Officers, Therapy & Social Care Assistants and Enablement Service Assistants and if necessary access to other professionals (e.g. nurses). They will work with you in your own home with a plan designed and agreed for your needs, with actions and goals for you to aim to achieve. Hopefully at the end of the period you will have achieved these but should you still require some level of ongoing support then these will be discussed with you before the programme ends. If your needs are long term your case will be referred to Adult Team and the Independent sector will be asked to provide your care. There is a charge for this but you will be offered a financial assessment to see what (if any) of this charge that you have to pay.

How to access the service?

You can refer yourself to the Porth Gofal who will take an initial assessment. Their telephone number is 01545 574000.

If Enablement Service is seen as the most appropriate service to meet your needs then someone from the Service will visit you at home.

You can also be referred to the Service either by your GP or Community Nurse.

If you are in hospital, the staff looking after you may refer you.

If you are not eligible for or do not wish to receive a service from Social Services, there are a number of private agencies that can provide help within the home. You can contact them directly and receive the support that you want on a private basis.

They may also be able to offer additional services that Social Services cannot for example, shopping and cleaning. The agencies listed on DEWIS Ceredigion, have staff who are trained, have been disclosure and barring service checked (police checked) and are registered with the Care Inspectorate Wales.

The link below will take you to Dewis Cymru. Dewis Cymru is a directory of services that people can use to find out about services and opportunities available both locally and nationally.

Further information about Dewis can be found at the Dewis Cymru website.