At today’s Cabinet meeting, Cabinet members approved to offer relocation to at least two Afghan Locally Employed Staff (LES) family.

The UK Government (UKG) wrote to all Locally Authority Leaders and Chief Executives on 30 July, requesting support to welcome Afghan LES families to their home authorities. This group of Afghan nationals have worked for the UK and risked their lives alongside British forces in Afghanistan over the past twenty years, and now require relocating to the UK with their families.

Following the unfolding scenes in Afghanistan in August, Ceredigion County Council announced that it would sign up to the UKG scheme to resettle Locally Employed Afghans who were at risk of reprisals by the Taliban. A public appeal was made to Ceredigion property owners to help identify any self-contained properties in the private rental sector that may be available to help with the scheme.

Following the appeal, eight properties across Ceredigion were offered by property owners. The council’s Housing Team carried out assessments on these properties and identified two that match the guidelines set out by the UKG. Also as a result of this appeal, the Housing Team identified a property that can be used to house individual residents of Ceredigion who are homeless.

Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn, Leader of Ceredigion County Council and Chair of the Ceredigion Refugee Resettlement Group, said: “The situation in Afghanistan has developed into a humanitarian crisis and it is our duty to respond and offer support to those affected. Our thoughts are with those affected by the conflict, including veterans, the people of Afghanistan, and those that are fleeing in fear of their lives. We are extremely grateful to the property owners in Ceredigion who’ve offered their properties; the generosity and kindness of our residents is something to be very proud of.”

For more information on the support to resettle Afghan nationals through the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP), visit:

The Council expects the Afghan families to arrive in Ceredigion in a matter of weeks and they will be supported by the Council and its partner agencies to assist them with the resettlement process.

Owners of self-contained accommodation in Ceredigion who may be interested in supporting this scheme can still get in touch with our Contact Centre on 01545 570881 or and ask for the Refugee Resettlement Coordinator.