On Thursday, 7 June, a number of dignitaries from Madagascar met with members of Ceredigion County Council as part of celebrations that have taken place in Ceredigion to celebrate the bicentenary of the first missionaries who travelled from the area of Aberaeron over to Madagascar.

The dignitaries from Madagascar, including Mr Marc Ravalomanana, the former President of Madagascar and chair of the Bicentenary Celebration Committee of the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), visited Ceredigion over a series of days. They attended celebratory concerts and viewed exhibitions which displayed commemorations of the endeavours and legacy of the missionaries from Neuaddlwyd Chapel who founded a church on the island of Madagascar 200 years ago - a church which is successful and well attended to this day.

Chairman of the Council, Councillor Hag Harris, who presented Mr Ravalomanana with a plaque of the Council crest said, “It was an honour to welcome the visitors from Madagascar to Ceredigion and to hear of how the missionaries sailed over from Ceredigion and established a church, which is still going strong today. Opportunities like this enable us to reflect and celebrate on the links that our county has with places far and wide across the world and the positive contributions we’re able to provide to others.”