To celebrate Shwmae Su’mae Day 2020, Ceredigion County Council aims to encourage more use of the Welsh language.

Shwmae Su’mae day provides an opportunity to  encourage the act of starting each conversation in Welsh amongst those that are learners, with only a few words of Welsh, or fluent, through using simple phrases, as a means of normalising the language amongst their networks and communities.

It is important that our Welsh speaking residents feel confident to use Welsh as part of their daily life. They have a right to do so in all manner of formal and informal situations. Therefore, as a Council our Welsh language services must be accessible, of a high standard and easy to use.

Today, 15 October 2020, to Celebrate Shwmae Day, the Council has launched a video and published a guide in order to help Officers to implement the Welsh Language Standards in their daily roles. This so as to ensure that we can provide quality Welsh language services to our residents. Today also, the School Service are lanching a new Facebook page, Cardi-Iaith. A page to share Information on Welsh Education, school stories and the wonderful work of latecomers centers. They will be launching a 'Shwmae' competition for primary and secondary school children in Ceredigion.

During the lock-in period we have seen an increased  interest in re-igniting language skills, it shows how technology can make it possible for a new generation to learn Welsh. By using zoom digital technology, the Council's Work Welsh Language Training Officer has been able to ensure that approximately 60 Council staff continue to receive their weekly Welsh lessons.

There is a very special opportunity for persons in Ceredigion to follow Welsh taster courses online through the National Centre for Learning Welsh website. The courses introduce everyday words and phrases and are available to everyone, for free. Some courses have been tailored for different sectors, such as Health and Social Care, Tourism and Retail. 

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn said, “This is a golden opportunity for us to promote and encourage local people to learn Welsh. We are very pleased to be able to work in partnership with the National Centre for Learning Welsh, which offers a range of free taster courses that are available to all. Speaking Welsh opens the door to many new experiences and opportunities. Go for it and have fun with the learning.”

To learn more go to the Learn Welsh website.

Shwmae Su’mae day 2020 - Give Welsh a Go!