On 01 March, the flag will be flown along with a host of activities to celebrate St David's Day in Ceredigion.

St David's Day is a special day when we celebrate Wales, our people, our language and the unique culture that we all share. Ceredigion County Council is marking the day with a variety of activities to enjoy and encourage participation.

The #CaruCennin challenge aims to raise the mood of the people of Ceredigion and beyond. Why not take part in the #CaruCennin challenge? Make someone smile, by making a video of you throwing a leek and uploading it on social media, using the hashtag #CaruCennin. You can throw it from right to left, far, high, fast or in any humorous way. Remember to nominate three other people to do the same. Give it a go, or follow the fun on Ceredigion County Council's social media.

Join Cered and Cica Corona's Facebook page to join in the spirit of the celebration. On Sunday 28 February at 6pm there will be a virtual concert showcasing the talents of the county. Take part in Quiz Dewi, discover the links between St David's and different locations in Ceredigion. A Panel Discussion will be led by Rhodri Francis of Menter Iaith Cered on the title, 'What are the little things?' And Hello Blod will publish Welsh language activity calendar for businesses in Ceredigion.

Ceredigion County Council learners have the opportunity to pair up with learners in Conwy County Council via a virtual session, this in order to practice their conversational skills.

If you miss attending an Eisteddfod, why not take part in the Cardi Iaith Virtual Eisteddfod? The list of competitions is held on the @CardiIaith Facebook page.

On this day, we remember our patron Saint David and his message for us to do the small things. The Council wants to remind us that offering Welsh language services is one of those small things. Here's a video showing why Welsh speakers need or choose to communicate with the Council in Welsh.

Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn, Leader of the Council, said, "We remember our patron Saint David and his message for us to do the small things. That message is just as true today. Doing the small things means looking after our neighbours, supporting our communities, and giving what we can when we can. At times the lockdown can be overwhelming leaving us feeling powerless. But it is important that we realise that we all have a part to play in improving our community. After all many small things lead to greater things. ”

Gwisg genhinen yn dy gap, a gwisg hi yn dy galon! [Wear a leek in your cap, and wear it in your heart!]