Ceredigion County Council is a Coast Protection Authority under the Coast Protection Act 1949, and under that Act has permissive powers to order or carry out Coast Protection Works for the protection of land as it deems necessary.

As a Coast Protection Authority, the Council manages and maintains over 12km of artificial coastal defences (sea walls, breakwaters, groynes, rock revetments etc.) that protect many of our coastal communities and Council-owned infrastructure. This includes the promenade at Aberystwyth, the Piers at New Quay and Aberaeron, and various sea walls along the Ceredigion coast.

The remaining 84km of coastline is privately owned, and private landowners are responsible for protecting their own property from erosion and flooding. The Council has no responsibility for the Coastal Defence of private property.

Ceredigion County Council works with the Welsh Government to reduce the risk to people and the developed and natural environment from flooding and coastal erosion, and has in recent years undertaken major coastal defence schemes at Aberaeron North Beach and Borth, information on which are provided in the links below.

The Council is also promoting further coastal defence schemes for the Aberystwyth frontage and the Harbour/South Beach area at Aberaeron, and will be developing these schemes over the coming months, with specific public consultation events being arranged to ensure that all affected stakeholders have an opportunity to express their views on the proposals.