What is Fostering?

Fostering is looking after other people’s children in your own home on behalf of the Local Authority.


There is a shortage of Foster Carers throughout the county especially Welsh speakers. Each child is unique and as such has special individual needs. We are looking to recruit Foster Carers from a diverse range of backgrounds in order to make the right matches to the children and provide family based placements that best meets each child’s needs.

We are looking to recruit Foster Carers for children of all age groups, gender, from babies to teenagers, and placements are also needed for brothers and sisters to remain together.

The different types of fostering are:

  • Respite care
  • Short term care
  • Long term care
  • Permanency
  • Pre-adoptive placements
  • Parent and Baby placements
  • Support Carers
  • Specialist Placements

Why is Fostering Required?

Raising children is a very important and at times difficult task. Ideally, all children should grow up in the safety and security of their own family home where their physical, emotional and social needs are met. However, for some children and young people this is not possible due to a number of reasons for example where there is abuse or the family is under extreme pressure. Where a family are caring for a disabled child and need a break on a regular planned basis, this is called a Short


If you are interested – call us

Our Single Point of Access will take some basic information from you which will then be passed to the Family Placement Team who will telephone and speak to you.

This will then be followed by an initial home visit.

Applicants are subject to rigorous checks and assessment before they can be approved as carers but you can find more information on the application process in our leaflet here:

Fostering with Ceredigion

Single Point of Access: 01545 574000

Email: contact-socservs@ceredigion.gov.uk

HMRC have an E-learning package specifically developed to address the challenges of starting a business as a foster carer.

Tax for Foster Carers

Unfortunately this package is only currently available in English.

They also run monthly webinars where you can ask any questions that you may have. These are available in both English and Welsh.

Mainstream Carers Allowance

Kinship Carers (Friends and Family) Allowance

Could you provide a home to a child/young person?

Ceredigion Social Services are always looking for new adopters / foster carers who can provide a home (either temporary or permanent) or short break service for children and young adults who can no longer live with their birth families or may need a break away from their birth families.


Telephone Porth Gofal on 01545 574000