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The Cardigan Bay Fisheries Local Action Group or "FLAG" is funded by Welsh Government and delivered by Ceredigion County Council. The Cardigan Bay FLAG is responsible for delivering Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund.

Cardigan Bay Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) LogoThe FLAGS support measures to promote economic diversification and an improved quality of life in areas affected by a decline in fishing activities.

What is the Cardigan Bay FLAG?

The Cardigan Bay Fisheries Local Action Group or "FLAG" is funded by Welsh Government and delivered by Ceredigion County Council. The Cardigan Bay FLAG is responsible for delivering Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund. (The European Fisheries Network guide to Axis 4 - "Axis 4 in a nutshell: a pocket guide" is a useful information leaflet).

The FLAG is a group of local people drawn from public, private and civil sectors with interest and expertise in aspects of fisheries. The purpose of the group is to provide a catalyst and focus for actions to help both the local fishing industry and the communities where they are based. Together, they design and implement a bottom-up strategy that fits and addresses their area´s needs aiming to increase economic, social and environmental welfare.

The Cardigan Bay FLAG is only one of many more FLAGs all over the EU. By 2013, more than 303 FLAGs in 21 EU Member States will involve thousands of local stakeholders as project promoters and FLAG members AND to date there are 6288 projects in progress or completed!!

The area covered by the Cardigan Bay FLAG includes

  • Fisheries communities from Cardigan to Aberdyfi
  • Former fisheries communities
  • Inland waters such as the Dyfi, Teifi, Rheidol, Ystwyth, Aeron and other inland fisheries are also included

Map of Cardigan Bay

What funding is available through the Cardigan Bay FLAG?

Assistance is now available to help groups or individuals apply to the Welsh Government for European Fisheries Funding.

The FLAG has four main themes that it identified in its Local Development Strategy and that it specifically wishes to target. These are:

  1. Community engagement, to raise the profile of the local fishing industry and engage with young people
  2. New Product Development and Innovation
  3. Industry awareness, to help individuals, businesses, groups or other local bodies to support activities taking place within their communities, raising the profile of what is available locally and what is innovative and new
  4. Research, including feasibility studies, on a range of topics that could lead to larger projects and applications for funding

To achieve this, the FLAG will be working with:

  • Local fisheries communities
  • Community groups, special needs groups and youth movements
  • Fishermen, aquaculture businesses and fish merchants - to ultimately benefit local consumers
  • Individuals, businesses, groups or other bodies to support activities taking place within their communities

The FLAG wants to hear from any individuals or local groups who may have ideas that they wish to bring forward.

Regardless of location, the applicant must demonstrate how the proposed project will have a positive impact on the Fisheries Dependent Communities.

What is the FLAG Local Development Strategy?

FLAGs are required to prepare a Local Development Strategy (LDS) setting out the issues affecting their area and a programme to improve economic and social conditions. Any applications made to the FLAG should link closely to the themes and aims of the LDS.

How do I apply?

Initially please contact Alison Kinsey the FLAG coordinator to discuss your idea and to check the eligibility of your project. This is to ensure that it is supportive of the strategy. She can also give you advice on completing your application.

Stage 1

Complete a short Expression of Interest (EOI) form - this will be sent to you after your initial conversation with the FLAG coordinator. Your EOI will be considered by the FLAG. If they think that your project is eligible and supportive of the strategy you will be asked to proceed to;

Stage 2

This involves the submission of a full application form and business plan/project plan. Again, advice will be available to help you complete this form which will be considered and scored by the FLAG. Following this you will either be asked to submit it to Welsh Government for approval, asked to make amendments and re submit to the FLAG or your application will be rejected (this is unlikely to happen at this late stage as any problems should have been ironed out by this time).

How do I get involved in the FLAG?

Membership of the Cardigan Bay FLAG includes representatives from the local fishing industry; community and volun tary sector organisations, Cardigan Bay Fisherman's Association, the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers, Afon Teifi Fairways, Welsh Salmon & Trout Angling Association, University of Aberystwyth; IBERS, SeaFish and Ceredigion County Council.

Individuals and organisations with an interest in the local fisheries communities are very welcome to join the FLAG.

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