Our aim as Ceredigion School Library Service is to support learning and literacy, and to encourage reading for pleasure.

We do this by providing up-to-date, high quality resources to reinforce the whole school curriculum. We also provide a wide range of fun book and reading based activities in our libraries and in schools. We can also provide advice, training and practical help to school staff in order to improve and develop school libraries for the well-being of the pupils.

This service is free for all Ceredigion Primary Schools.

What can we offer?

  • A wide range of up-to-date, high quality thematic resources which have been carefully chosen and targeted towards the needs of individual schools
  • Resources and relevant support for reading initiatives and literacy improvement schemes in schools
  • Professional advice and support to the school wishing to develop their library or teaching resource centre
  • Support in developing relevant library and information skills in pupils in order to encourage personal and independent learning
  • Training to develop and support the skills of teachers and / or other staff who are involved with running school libraries.

Advantages for schools?

  • Improvement in the resources that the school can offer to individual children and to the whole class
  • Promotion of reaching high standards in literacy
  • Development of independent readers
  • The creation of a culture of reading in schools which promotes lifelong reading and reading for pleasure
  • Schools save money by receiving a wide range of free resources which have been specially chosen for the needs of the class and which are exchanged regularly – this ensures relevance to a constantly changing curriculum
  • Save the time of school staff by using our expertise and help in the library
  • A free service!


Let us know what your school / class theme is for the next term and we will provide you with a box of books that include a wide range of titles to support your learning, especially tailored for the needs of your school or class.

A Selection of Themes and Resources Ceredigion School Library Service

  • Religion and Morals including
    Bibles, Christmas, Easter, Stories and characters from the Bible, Prayers and services, Sunday School workbooks, Religious practices, Religious buildings, St David / Other Saints, World religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism
  • Geography including
    Countries of the world, Environment, Ecology, Fossil energy, Renewable energy, Habitats, Rainforests, Land formation, Deserts, Ice flows, Islands, Mountains, Rocks, Under the earth / Caves, Volcanoes, Mapping, Atlases and flags, The Weather
  • Celebrations including
    Religious celebrations, Seasonal celebrations
  • Me myself / My body
    Breathing, Senses, Bones, Blood (etc.)
  • Space including
    Stars and planets, Space travel
  • Science and Technology including
    Materials and change, Water, Colour and light, Noise, Movement and energy, Electricity and magnetism / Energy, Inventions, Communication, Toys,
  • History including
    Anglo-Saxons, Aztecs, Celts, Early people, Egyptians, First World War, Greeks, Middle Ages, Romans, Second World War, Tudors, Twentieth Century, Victorian Era, Vikings, Welsh history, World history
  • Language and Literature including
    Dictionaries, English poetry, Welsh poetry, Welsh myths and legends, World myths and legends
  • Mathematics
  • Travel and Transport including
    Bikes / Motorbikes, Cars, Mega machines / Tractors, Planes, Ships, Trains, Roads, Bridges, Canals, Tunnels, Pirate

We can provide a wide range of fiction / story books for you, suitable for children from reception to top KS2+. Let us know what your needs are / the age of the children in your class and we’ll send you a selection of Welsh and / or English language books to you, which will include a mixture of the latest releases as well as some old favourites and classics.

Your school / class is more than welcome to visit our libraries here in Ceredigion. You can arrange a visit either by contacting your local library or by contacting the children’s librarian delyth.huws@ceredigion.gov.uk. We can arrange a story session or a book-based activity for your class, and experienced staff will always be on hand to help your pupils choose suitable books.

Let us know the following information when booking:

  • The date and time you’d like to visit
  • The number of children attending
  • If there’s a particular theme you’d like us to cover, or if it’s an open ended visit

Why don’t you also encourage your pupils to visit the library in their own time, to join in the Summer Reading Challenge, or in another activity to do with reading for pleasure and leisure?

The Summer Reading Challenge is a very successful and popular scheme with Ceredigion’s children. It’s an annual scheme that encourages children of all ages to enjoy reading for pleasure outside school during the summer holidays, and is very important in helping to maintain reading and literacy skills over this time. Children can take part in a new and exciting challenge every year, choosing which books they want to read and winning fantastic prizes during their reading journey through the challenge. Every child that manages to finish the Summer Reading Challenge receives a medal and a certificate celebrating their achievement. The Summer Reading Challenge is run by the Reading Agency, with support from Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru here in Wales.

We send out information leaflets about the Summer Reading Challenge to every school in Ceredigion before the end of the Summer Term, and we kindly ask you to distribute them to the pupils in your school in order to promote the scheme and encourage the children to continue to read over the summer. We also visit some schools in the last weeks of the Summer Term to promote the scheme, and send out medals and certificates to schools during the Autumn Term for you to give out to successful scheme completers during assembly. The Summer Reading Challenge is definitely the annual highlight of the Children’s Library Service!

Bookslam and Darllen Dros Gymru are two lively competitions for children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6. They encourage children to enjoy reading and discussing Welsh language books and English books of Welsh interest, while fostering positive, long term attitudes towards reading for pleasure and the world of books in general.

Darllen Dros Gymru and Bookslam are national competitions run by Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru, the former concentrating on Welsh language books, and the latter on English books with Welsh backgrounds or authors. Both competitions are open to every school in Wales, and the Ceredigion round is held in partnership between the Ceredigion Schools Library Service and the Education Department.

Both Bookslam and Darllen Dros Gymru give schools the chance to support the development of pupils’ literacy, interpretation, discussion and presentation skills, and complement the requirements of the Language Charter and the Curriculum for Wales. They also offer flexibility for teachers to work on a group or whole class level. For more information look at the Darllen Dros Gymru and Bookslam websites or contact delyth.huws@ceredigion.gov.uk

For more information about the School Library Service please contact Delyth Huws: delyth.huws@ceredigion.gov.uk .