Working together with families

We are a small team of skilled Family Workers who work alongside parents and unpaid Carers to redevelop family resilience and self-reliance. We do this by supporting parents to strengthen their own wellbeing and learn new skills to cope.

We structure plans with families by using Signs of Safety and Wellbeing which help to identify potential solutions rather than focus on problems. This assists family members to identify and implement the actions that will achieve their own goals.

The services we offer can help adults to re-establish their family roles and routines, provide coaching in positive parenting techniques, identify and give a voice to each person’s wishes and feelings, in particular those of children in the family, help engage with social & community activities and assist parents and carers to redevelop individual parental presence, wellbeing and resilience through group work.

We deliver recognised and evaluated parent programmes including;

We also offer webinars such as Blame it on the Brain, Blame it on the Brain for Dads and Online Safety and Gaming webinar to support understanding of young people’s development, and to strengthen skills and strategies to manage vulnerabilities around sexual health, substances and relationships. These programmes can be delivered individually when parents might find it hard to engage in other settings, or in groups if parents prefer to learn alongside others.

Tim Teulu also work closely with Team Around the Family Coordinators to offer peer support in small groups including Worried About Your Teenager & Building Emotionally Resilient Teenagers for parents who have worries about issues such as child on parent abuse, anti-social behaviour, substance misuse, self-harm or sexual exploitation. Parents are invited to join with professionals from partner services over four weekly sessions to share their knowledge and co-produce ways to work together as adults to maintain the safety of young people. This helps parents to improve their own wellbeing and encourages them to take a proactive role in discussing risks with their children.

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Penparcau Family Centre promotes positive relationships and attachments between parents and their children by creating playful experiences and positive support when needed. Currently we are running a wide range of safe, secure, fun, online groups and courses. Materials and resources for each course are supplied in order to bring the Family Centre to your home. We understand that parenting can be challenging at times, never mind in a pandemic! Taking this into consideration, our groups and courses are short and easy to access, and tailored to each group’s needs.

Penparcau Young Parents Group is a virtual monthly activity group for young parents up to the age of 25. We support your wellbeing as a young person as well as a parent and our sessions are full of fun and creative play whilst learning how to grow as a parent.

Stori a Sbri is based on Language and Play and provides a regular space for parents/carers and children from 0-3 to assist their communication, language and literacy through play.

Baby Massage is a seven week group programme to promote infant-parent interaction, bonding and attachment, and parents’ ability to read their babies’ cues using massage.

Take Time for You is a six session virtual group for parents of children aged 5 -8 aimed at strengthening parental wellbeing using techniques such as goal setting, mindfulness and relaxation.

Grobrain is a five week one to one programme which talks through infant mental health with parents of babies from pre-birth to age 3, and how early relationships shape the developing brain. Visit the Grobrain website for more information.

In addition to our groups and courses, Penparcau Family Centre offers tailored, one-to-one support to families within the area in conjunction with Tim Teulu.

Happy Parents, Happy Children = Happy Family.

We ensure that up-to-date, accurate information is available at all times to enable families to make informed choices and to be aware of all services available to them.

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How can I access Tim Teulu support?

Please fill in the Request for Support form below or contact us to ask for a paper copy by post.

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Tel: 01545 572649

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Tim Teulu
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  • Please ensure your family reside in Ceredigion
  • That you have signed to give informed consent to the sharing of your personal information with ourselves and our partner agencies
  • You will have started to decide what areas you would like support with